Terms & Conditions

1) Company Information

1.1) Frameyourbag is a trademark of Corkonbag, Lda.

1.2) Corkonbag, Lda is a Portuguese company, with  VAT NUMBER PT513355812 and with the address on:

        Rua do Marco 17

        4920-060 Gondarem


2) Payment

2.1) We accept paypal and credit card payments.

2.1.1) For use credit or debit card you don’t need to have a PayPal account . When you are about to pay in the PayPal secure page just pick the option to pay with your credit or bank card. 

2.2) The Currency on our website is the Euro (€).

2.3) As soon as the payment is complete the amount of the order should be available to Corkonbag, Lda.

3) Shipping / Processing time

3.1) Cork fabric is sent rolled and with tracking number.

3.2) We shipp the items by CTT and carriers, TNT or FEDEX, please note that we are not responsible for the eventual loss of packages. 

        All the items shipped by us will be shipped with tracking number.

        If you'd like to add insurance, please let us know. Message us to info@corkonbag.pt

3.2.1) The standard shipping time are:

            Portugal: 1 to 3 Business days

            Europe: 5 to 10 Business days

            Rest of the World: 10 to 20 Business days.

3.2.2) The Carrier Shipping time are:

            Portugal: 1 to 2 Business days

            Europe: 1 to 3 Business days

            Rest of the World: 1 to 5 Business days

3.2.3) We are not responsible for any delays at packages delivery's.

3.3) All the shipping prices apply are provided by our partners.

3.3.1) Shipping to Non-continental territory's or to remote places have an extra fee by carrier, that value will depend the country of destiny and the weight of the package. On that cases the customer should contact us so we can provide the correct shipping value. *Remote place is considered some place that is stated on this list: https://www.fedex.com/content/dam/fedex/us-united-states/services/Zipcodes_OPA_ODA.pdf On the case that some customer request the upgrade but the address is on the remote area provided on the link of the line, we have the right to cancel the order, we will contact the client to inform that due that situation the shipping have an extra fee, if the customer agree to pay we will proceed with the order, if not we will cancel the order.

3.4) Standard processing time of the requests are 1-2 business days.

3.5) If the package shipped by standard shipping with tracking number, CTT, don't arrive to the destiny after 2 month's of the shipping date, the package is given as lost, just on this case we will proceed with the refund of the value of the order or resend the package. 

Exceptions may be applied on some cases listed below:

- Delays due customs handling times increase.

- Weather conditions;

- Carrier strikes;

- Lack of airplanes in operation;

- Shiping's Crisis ( slow shiping worldwide or on some regions/country's due some kind of forced situation)

3.5.1) We will proceed with a claim to CTT  about the package they will inquire the destiny Post about the state of the package, it can take as long as 60 days to get any reply from them.

3.6) If the customer provide us the wrong address, we are not responsible if the package don't arrive until them.

3.6.1) If the package back to us we will only refund the value of the items, shipping value isn't refundable due was customer fault.

3.6.2) If the package back to us and the customer request that we ship to them the package to the new address we will charge the customer for that new shipping.

3.6.3) If we ship the package and if it is delivered on the wrong address provided by the customer and we never get the package back we cannot proceed with the refund of any value since our service was done and due the error was customer responsibility that provided the wrong shipping address.

4) Customs, import duties and related expenses

4.1) Are exclusively buyers responsibility.

4.2) We, Corkonbag Lda, are not responsible for eventual additional charges that the destiny country may apply to the package. 

5) Cancellations

5.1) The customer can request the cancellation of the order at any time until 14 days after the reception of the order, without justification.

5.1.1) In case of the client received the order and want to proceed with the cancellation, the shipping cost to send it back to us, Corkonbag, LDA, is supported by the customer, the refund will be only made as soon as we receive the package or if the customer provide us proof of shipping back to us.

5.1.2) In case of faulty item, the customer should inform us, Corkonbag, Lda, until 14 days after the reception, we will proceed with a resend of the item, refund of the value of the item or came to an agreement.

5.1.3) In case of devolution of an order with a personalized item, we do not accept the cancellation/devolution of the order if the item is already made or if the package is already shipped.

5.2) If the customer request the cancellation of the order and the package was already shipped the aline 5.1.1 is applied.

6) Applicable law / Disputes

6.1) The applicable law is the Portuguese law.

6.2) The Percentage of VAT is 23%, that's the applicable by Portuguese Law.

6.2.1) If you are a company from European Union, you can request the exemption of VAT in case of you have a valid VAT NUMBER.

6.3) In case of dispute, the center of resolution is the CNIACC (Centro Nacional de Informação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo) in Portugal.

    Email: geral@cniacc.pt

    Site: www.cniacc.pt

7) Returns

7.1)  We do not accept return of the items ordered, but the customer should always contact us if have some problem with the items.

7.1.1) Exceptions accepted in case of the aline 5.1 are applied.

7.1.2) Exception applies in case of the items is damage or faulty, the customer should contact us informing the situation, we will reserve the decision of the refund or the resend of the faulty/damage items. Another solution can be apply if we, Corkonbag Lda, and the customer came to an agreement.

7.2) If the 14 days after you received the items have passed, you can contact us requesting the return of the package and we, Corkonbag Lda, reserve the decision of accept or reject the return of the items.

7.2.1) In case of we accept the return of the items, the customer should support all the expenses of shipp the items back to us, unless we came to an agreement about the expenses.  The originals shipping expenses of the order won't be refundable.

8) Photos

8.1) All effort is made to provide accurate photos but sometimes PC monitors can be tricky and little differences are shown. Thank you for your understanding about this.

9) Feedback

9.1) We would really appreciate your feedback. If any issue arises please contact me before you leave any feedback. We will do our best to work with you and resolve any issue that you may have.

10) Special requests/orders

10.1) Feel free to message/email us with your special requests.

        Send us an email to: info@corkonbag.pt