This Sewing Thread is a lubricated polyester thread made from pre-stabilised high tenacity continuous filament polyester. Its higher breaking strength and optimum stretch characteristics produces attractive, fine seams on leather footwear and leather goods. Gral is an excellent sewing thread for all types of leather and has very good abrasion resistance.

Needle Size

 90 - 100



Filan® Poly

Fiber Type: Polyester

Finishes: Soft

Thread Construction: Twisted Multifilament

Application: Automotive, Filtration, Footware, Luggage & Handbags, Geotextiles, Specialty Industrial, Outdoor Products, Covers/ Web Slings & Tiedowns

Full Description: Filan® Poly is a twisted continuous filament polyester sewing thread specially-designed for use in the automotive industry.


Better resistance to UV exposure than nylon or polyamide sewing thread

Good seam strength

Superior Sewability

Low moisture regain

Available in natural, white, black and colors

Soft finish


Fiber Resistance to Acid- Excellent

Fiber Resistance to Alkali- Fair

Fiber Resistance to Bleach- Excellent

Fiber Abrasion Resistance- Good

Fiber Resistance to Heat- 145 deg C (Highest continuous temperature before breakdown)

Fiber Melting Point- 265 deg C

Anecord Nylon® or Anefil Nylon® are recommended for applications where higher abrasion resistance is required.

Filament polyester prewound bobbins are available in multiple sizes

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4000 meters of Cork Sewing Thread - Lubricated polyester thread, polyester floss U8438

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