Reward Points

Since 2021 we decided to create the Reward Points discounts to all of you.
Here are the rates of it:
On each item purchase by you on our store you earn Reward Points, the average is for each 1€(EURO) spend on our store it is equal to 1 Reward Point earned.*
    * VAT value and shipping value don't count to earn Reward Points.
You are able to discount it on checkout, each reward point redeemed is equal to 0.01€ (EURO)(1 cent).

You will only receive the Reward Points if you have an account registered on our website and if you use it when place the order.

This options is only valid to Final Consumers, companies/corporations won't earn Reward Points.

We can create some campaigns that will offer to you some points, please subscribe our newsletter and we will give more info about the campaigns to earn more Reward Points.

You can and should discount the Reward Points on the Shopping Cart on the Option Reward Points, it will state there how many you have and how many you can discount.
You can use Reward Points to discount the full Item value but shipping value isn't possible to discount with Reward Points.